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Your generous contribution helps us grow this service and provide vital support to people when they leave an abusive relationship

Safe Haven Community is a registered Charity. All donations are tax deductible

Gift Donation Cards

Demonstrate your kindness and compassion by giving a ‘Gift Donation’ to a family member or close friend

This simple gift of giving will provide peace of mind, knowing that you and the person receiving this gift have contributed significantly to the lives of people escaping domestic abuse or homelessness.

How does my gift help someone?

This gift helps to ensure there is always a safe place to stay for people who are at risk of domestic abuse or homelessness. Every donation helps to provide safety and security, in a nurturing and supportive environment, free from fear, and physical, financial, emotional, verbal, sexual or spiritual abuse. It will help to empower people to live independently and move on in their life.

Delivery of your Gift Donation

Your Safe Haven Community Gift Donation will be delivered to you as a beautifully designed double-sided full-colour voucher, ready for you to give to your family member or close friend. Your printed Gift Donation order will be processed and dispatched via Australia Post as soon as possible. Delivery times vary depending on your address so please allow 10-12 working days for delivery.

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BUY NOW – One week of safety
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One month of safety
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Frequently asked questions

100% of your money will go to assisting people at risk of domestic abuse or homelessness.

Yes. Safe Haven Community is Registered Charity and has DGR Status, so you can claim a tax deduction for your gift donations.

Your order will be processed and your printed gifts will be posted via Australia Post within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Delivery times vary depending on your address. Please allow 10-12 working days. We will do our absolute best to meet these delivery times but during busy periods (including Christmas) processing may take a little longer. If you have any questions you can call us on 18 000 HAVEN.

Yes, there is a small additional cost of $5.00 for postage, packaging and handling.

No, once we have delivered the Gift Donation you cannot return the gift for a refund.

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