A Quick Overview

Safe Haven Community provides earlier intervention pathways, allowing people to escape abusive relationships before they escalate to physical violence.

What we do

We offer fully supported, community-based temporary accommodation for people at risk of domestic abuse.

Our Accommodation Providers offer a nurturing and supportive environment, free from fear, and physical, financial, emotional, verbal, sexual or spiritual abuse.

Guests can stay anywhere from three days to three months depending on their needs and the Accommodation Providers preferences.

Together we help to empower our Guests to live independently and move on in their lives.

How we do it

We maintain a secure on-line database of private Safe Haven Community homes Australia-wide. Accommodation Providers profiles contain their preferences and availability. Guests call Safe Haven Community direct or via an approved Referral Agency to request a safe place to stay. Our Service Delivery team conducts an in-depth risk and needs assessment with the Guest to determine suitability for a community placement.

If appropriate, Guests will be then matched with an available Accommodation provider. We then create and distribute the Accommodation Agreements and house rules. Once we are all agreed then we can commence the placement and support the Guest and Accommodation provider for the duration of the stay. Our Case Managers are on hand for the duration of the stay to make sure everyone is safe and happy and that the relationship is working well for everyone.

What about men?

Domestic abuse affects men too. Safe Haven Community helps men who need a safe place to stay.
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How it works

Step 1

Register your spare room and Guest preferences in our secure online database.


Step 2

Complete your Police Checks and provide 100 points of ID to verify who you are.


Step 3

We will call you to complete your application and answer any further questions.

Australia has a critical shortage of accommodation for low-risk people wishing to leave abusive relationships

You can help solve this problem by letting someone stay with you in your private home.


Your safety is our highest priority

We adhere strictly to our organisational policy and procedure documents and protocols to ensure the highest level of safety, accountability and transparency at all times throughout the entire organisation. Our policies and procedures meet or exceed industry standards and guidelines for professional conduct.

Guest’s current situation

The spectrum of domestic abuse includes verbal, emotional, spiritual, financial, sexual and physical abuse. Once the level of abuse in a relationship escalates to physical violence it would not be appropriate or safe for a person to be placed in a private Safe Haven Community home. We do not arrange accommodation for guests that are currently in violent relationships or identified as being at risk of domestic violence. We assist people in escaping BEFORE it escalates to violence.

Safety and risk assessments

All Guests are assessed by a fully trained professional to understand their personal situation and support requirements during their stay. This includes initial and ongoing risk assessment, needs assessment, personal safety plan, and an exit strategy. Appointed Case Workers will work with every Guest to address all personal needs and will make referrals to other agencies and support services where appropriate.

You have our full support

Safe Haven Community also offers full support to all Accommodation Providers for the duration of the stay. Your Guest has been going through some tough times and finally has the space to breathe. This may trigger some emotional releases or anger and frustration which may result in you feeling a little challenged by a guest’s behaviour. We are here to help manage your relationship with your guest and can provide mediation or conflict resolution support if required.

Who we serve


Our mission is to provide earlier intervention pathways, allowing people to escape abusive relationships before they escalate to physical violence. We provide safety and security, and nurturing and supportive environment, free from fear, and physical, financial, emotional, verbal, sexual or spiritual abuse. We help to empower people to live independently and move on in their life. Our highest priority is for the safety and wellbeing of our Guests.


We offer support to all our Accommodation Providers to enable them to provide the best possible environment and support to their Guests. We also ensure any questions or concerns are addressed as soon as possible to ensure our providers are happy to keep working with Safe Haven. Provider safety and contentment is a very high priority for Safe Haven Community.


Referral Agencies

It is difficult for an organisation to deliver outreach services if the client does not have a safe place to stay. We collaborate with our Referral Agency Partners by providing a safe place for their clients to stay. This then provides the Organisation with an opportunity to deliver it’s programs and services to their clients in a safe space.  We also provide regular feedback and communications relating to the Guests they put in our care as an ongoing commitment to the safety and well-being of our Guests.

Case Workers

We offer ongoing support to any external Case Workers and Outreach Workers, by providing regular communication and feedback relating to our Guests. Where an external Case Manager or Outreach Worker is working with one of our Guests we will provide mainly contract management, conflict resolution and mediation services, while they focus more on addressing the personal needs of the Guest.

Who can apply?


We welcome guests of all backgrounds

Safe Haven Community is committed to the inclusion of anyone no matter who they are, where they come from, how they worship, or whom they love. Bias, prejudice, racism, and hatred have no place in our community. We do not discriminate based on the basis of race, colour, religion, creed, gender identity, gender expression, age, national origin, ancestry, disability, marital status, or sexual orientation.


We assist women, men and children who are;

  •  at risk of or currently experiencing domestic or family abuse or;

  •  at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness due to domestic violence

  •  18 Years or above (or accompanied by a guardian)

  •  eligible for Centrelink benefits or have access to personal funds

  •  confirmed to be low risk by a qualified risk assessment worker

What Guests get

Safe Haven Community provides Community-based accommodation and support for a temporary period. We work with Guests to find medium or long-term accommodation opportunities. The length of stay is dependent on the individual person’s need as well as the adhering to the terms and conditions of the Rooming Accommodation Agreement and House Rules but is typically between three to ninety days in duration.

What we expect

Our Guests must be willing to;

  •  adhere to the house rules and rooming accommodation agreement

  •  work with a Case Worker to address their personal needs

  •  work with nominated external service providers

  •  accept any reasonable offer of temporary accommodation

Frequently asked questions

Accommodation Provider’s questions

Anyone with a good heart and a spare room can apply. Police checks and 100 points of ID are a mandatory requirement. Assuming you do not have a criminal record, you will also need to pass a basic induction test to make sure you understand our policies and procedures.

For security and safety reasons all Accommodation Providers must provide Police checks and 100 points of ID. The process is quick and simple. Follow the three steps at www.safehavencommunity.com.au/register-a-room/#policechecks 

OK Great. We do need to see it though, we can’t just take your word for it! Ask your employer to send confirmation, or start a new police check and send your confirmation and 100 points of ID in an email so we can process your application. Follow three simple steps at www.safehavencommunity.com.au/register-a-room/#policechecks

No, a Blue card is not a legal requirement for Safe Haven Community Accommodation Providers. We cannot place any children in your home unless they are accompanied by a parent or guardian. Children are to be supervised at all times and not left alone with Accommodation Providers.

No. Guests should pay for their own food and beverages. You may like to arrange for shared cooking and grocery bills or organise a space in the fridge and pantry for separate items.

No, you are not their full time carer! You can go about your business as normal and so can your Guest. Just treat them the same way you would if it was your friend or relative that was staying with you.

As you are not receiving income from providing accommodation to your Guest you are most likely already covered for any losses through your normal household insurance. You should check with your insurance company to make sure you fully understand your level of insurance cover. Safe Haven Community does not offer home and contents insurance to Accommodation Providers.

Sometimes two people just don’t get along. Safe Haven Community staff are available to help mediate or assist with any conflict resolution if necessary. If there is no way to make a relationship work then we can arrange for an early exit to the Accommodation Agreement and find a new Safe Haven for the Guest.

During your induction training, you will be given full instructions around security breach protocols. In the unlikely event that your Guest’s abuser turns up at your doorstep, immediately lock all doors and windows and call the Police on 000 to request urgent assistance. Direct your Guest to a safe room in your home where a door can be locked or wedged shut with a chair. Let the person know that the police are on their way and will be there shortly. You can also call Safe Haven on 18 000 HAVEN to alert us to the security breach and we will assist you in any way we can to ensure your safety.

Guest’s questions

You can call us direct on 18 000 HAVEN, or talk to one of our approved Referral Agencies about your needs. More information is available at www.safehavencommunity.com.au/find-a-room/#_selfreferrals

We recommend you take with you only what you need for the duration of the stay. Your Accommodation Provider is happy for you to treat their place like it is your home, but that doesn’t include moving excessive amounts of personal belongings and all your furniture!

If you are leaving and need to take your furniture and a large quantity of other personal belongings with you then we suggest a using a professional storage facility nearby. We highly recommend Storage King. They cover most of Australia and can provide the first month at half price. Visit their website at www.storageking.com.au to find your nearest storage facility.

Yes, you can! We understand it is sometimes very difficult to leave a furry family member behind. If you need to bring your pets with you then we will endeavour to find an Accommodation Provider that accepts pets.

The accommodation is provided at no cost to you by our generous Accommodation Providers. Safe Haven Community charges a small daily amount to cover the additional services we provide. This included finding and maintaining relationships with Accommodation Providers Australia-wide to make sure there is always a safe place to stay, contract management, legal fees, insurance fees, administration, unlimited personal support, and referrals to other agencies as required.

No. Absolutely not. We do not share your personal details or your location with anyone unless we have your permission to do so.

No problem! We can arrange for an early termination of your Safe Haven Accommodation Agreement. There are no penalties for leaving early.

As soon as you are aware that you are being followed or tracked go immediately to the nearest Police Station to request assistance and protection. Then call 18 000 HAVEN to alert our staff to the security breach. We will then advise you what to do next. If it is not safe to go to the provided accommodation we will make other arrangements for you as soon as possible.

Sometimes two people just don’t get along. Safe Haven Community staff are available to help mediate or assist with any conflict resolution if necessary. If there is no way to make a relationship work then we can arrange for an early exit to the Accommodation Agreement and find a new Safe Haven for the Guest.

All of our providers are required to provide a Police check and 100 points of ID. We also speak to them a number of times on the phone or in person to get a good feel for them. Additionally, at the end of each stay, a Guest submits a feedback form to tell us if there were any concerns about a Provider that need to be addressed. Any provider that uses inappropriate behaviour is suspended or removed from our database.

Contact Us





Please use the contact form to send your support, ideas, requests, or concerns. We will respond as soon as we are able. If you require a more immediate response you can use the number below to call and speak to us in person.

Call: 18 000 HAVEN (1800 042 836)