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Published on: 7th Oct 2017
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IT IS the AirBnB of domestic and family violence shelters and its founders hope it will give thousands of women and children a safe place to rebuild their lives.

Red Hill’s Paul Ferry said the community had done a great deal to bring domestic abuse out of the shadows but, more than ever, victims fleeing abusive relationships needed suitable crisis accommodation.

“Temporary accommodation is itself in crisis. We simply don’t have enough housing and women are having to make the devastating choice of staying in an abusive relationship or going homeless,’’ the Safe Haven executive director said.

Safe Haven, founded by Denise Hunter, is a platform to match people running from domestic abuse with safe, community-based temporary accommodation.

“We want people to open up their homes to those who find themselves in abusive relationships, before those relationships turn violent,’’ Mr Ferry said.

“If we can provide them with a safe, secure place to go within a supportive environment, even just for a few days, we are confident we can help break the cycle.”

The service, also open to male victims, provides case managers and support. As well as offers of housing, it needs donations and has launched a crowd-funding campaign. Info:

For assistance in finding or registering a room,
call 18 000 HAVEN (1800 042 836)


We need your support

We urgently need community support to grow this business

We need to raise $200k to get this business up and running. Your donation will help us to provide 10,000 nights of safe, nurturing accommodation every year to people that desperately need a safe place to breathe. 

As a community, we are responsible for making this happen

We are crowdfunding

Help us raise $200k to get this business up and running. We are relying on your donations to make this happen. Please give whatever you can afford.

We need spare rooms

Provide a Safe Haven in your home. Be one of the first 500 Safe Haven Community Accommodation Providers across Australia.


Need more info before applying?

There are many things to consider and we want to make sure you fully understand what you are signing up for. Click the button below to request an info pack to guide you through the process.


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