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We have a big problem

People in abusive relationships on the brink of turning into physically violent relationships are caught in a trap. All the refuges and shelters are full and there is nowhere to go.

Domestic violence doesn’t start in the first week of a relationship. It takes years of control and manipulation to get that point, including emotional, psychological, financial, and spiritual abuse, strong intimidation and isolation from family, friends and support networks. Then, when the person has absolutely no option to leave, the relationship can escalate to physical abuse, sexual abuse, strong physical violence, and even homicide. Every week people are being murdered by an intimate partner because there was no safe place to go. All the refuges and shelters are at full capacity, and the DV and homeless response services are struggling to keep up with the flow of incoming calls from people in crisis.

Prevention is the best cure.

We need an earlier intervention strategy that can help mitigate the incidence of domestic violence and homelessness in the first place, rather than reacting to a problem after it has started. So how can we help people escape before the violence starts?

The answer lies within our community

Across Australia, there are 7.2 million spare rooms in private homes that are vacant for 90% 0f the year. Safe Haven Community maintains a national database of security-vetted community members that donate their spare rooms to someone that needs a safe place to stay. Together we offer a nurturing and supportive environment for up to three months and connect our Guests to a network of professionals to offer guidance in building a better future free from fear and abuse. Our Placement Team and Case Workers ensure that everyone is safe and happy for the duration of the stay. Everyone’s safety is our highest priority.

Low-risk people cannot find assistance because;

  • DV response services focus on high-risk people in domestic violence crisis
  • Police cannot intervene because, without physical assault, no crime has been committed that they can prove
  • Homelessness services focus on people that are already living on the streets or in their cars
  • Community service organizations focus on people with severe drug or alcohol addictions or mental health issues.

Safe Haven Community is like foster care for adults, or Air B’n’B for people fleeing domestic abuse.

People no longer have to wait until they are in extreme danger of physical violence or homelessness before they qualify for assistance.

You can help !

As a community, we are all responsible for making this happen.
There are plenty of ways to show your support.

Register your spare room and help someone in need find a safe place to stay


Make a one-off or regular donation to help provide this essential service


Join our ‘Hundred Dollar Hero’ corporate sponsorship program


Purchase top quality wines for Christmas. $2 from every bottle helps us prevent violence


Buy Gift Vouchers for ‘hard-to-buy-for’ friends & family and show them you care


Volunteer your time to help with awareness, create and manage events, or fundraising


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Call: 18 000 HAVEN (1800 042 836)