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Safe Haven Community is looking for 100 Business Leaders
to help prevent domestic violence.

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Mel’s heartbreaking story..

Mel talks about what it was like living in an abusive relationship and how things would have been different if someone had offered a Safe Haven in her community. Please watch this video.

Imagine if this was your daughter, your sister, or your best friend. Would you offer your support and provide a safe place to breathe?

Mel’s story is not unique. This is happening behind closed doors in every suburb in every city all across Australia. We need your help to support the thousands of women like Mel who are trapped in abusive relationships and have nowhere to go.

We help people escape BEFORE it escalates to violence

Your contribution will make a MASSIVE difference in someone’s life. Help to break the cycle of domestic abuse and spare the next generation from growing up in this environment. Safety is a human right, and your contribution is VERY welcome.

Your safety is our highest priority. READ MORE about our safety policies and procedures.

What about men?

Domestic abuse affects men too. Safe Haven Community helps men who need a safe place to stay.
CLICK HERE to find out more about our inclusion policy

We need your support

As a community, we are responsible for making this happen

Register your spare room

You can help prevent domestic violence by providing a Safe Haven in your home. Click the button below to register your spare room. It takes less than two minutes. We will then contact you and guide you through the induction process. Simples !


Get more information first

There are many things to consider and we want to make sure you fully understand what you are signing up for. Don’t worry, we have a team of experts that are here to help you. Please call us if you have any questions so we can guide you through the process.

Call 18 000 HAVEN
(1800 042 836)

Australia has a critical shortage of suitable and available accommodation for people at risk of domestic abuse or homelessness…

You can help solve this problem by letting someone stay with you in your private home.

How it works

Step 1

Register your spare room and Guest preferences in our secure online database.


Step 2

Complete your Police Checks and provide 100 points of ID to verify who you are.


Step 3

We will call you to complete your application and answer any further questions.


Your safety is our highest priority

We adhere strictly to our organisational policy and procedure documents and protocols to ensure the highest level of safety, accountability and transparency at all times throughout the entire organisation. Our policies and procedures meet or exceed industry standards and guidelines for professional conduct.

Guest’s current situation

The spectrum of domestic abuse includes verbal, emotional, spiritual, financial, sexual and physical abuse. Once the level of abuse in a relationship escalates to physical violence it would not be appropriate or safe for a person to be placed in a private Safe Haven Community home. We do not arrange accommodation for guests that are currently in violent relationships or identified as being at risk of domestic violence. We assist people in escaping BEFORE it escalates to violence.

Safety and risk assessments

All Guests are assessed by a fully trained professional to understand their personal situation and support requirements during their stay. This includes initial and ongoing risk assessment, needs assessment, personal safety plan, and an exit strategy. Appointed Case Managers will work with every Guest to address all personal needs and will make referrals to other agencies and support services where appropriate.

You have our full support

Safe Haven Community also offers full support to all Accommodation Providers for the duration of the stay. Your Guest has been going through some tough times and finally has the space to breathe. This may trigger some emotional releases or anger and frustration which may result in you feeling a little challenged by a guest’s behaviour. We are here to help manage your relationship with your guest and can provide mediation or conflict resolution support if required.

You can make a huge difference

Your contribution will help someone realise everything IS going to be OK, and that they can be safe and happy again.


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Please use the contact form to send your support, ideas, requests, or concerns. We will respond as soon as we are able. If you require a more immediate response you can use the number below to call and speak to us in person.

Call: 18 000 HAVEN (1800 042 836)