We are incredibly proud to announce our partnership with SunnyKids, a charity that has been providing domestic violence and homelessness counselling and support services since 2003. The synergies and shared values were so closely aligned it made perfect sense to work together to deliver their services to our growing number of clients and assist in our National roll-out strategy for 2019.

There’s no point in re-creating the wheel is there? Our service delivery team has now grown to three very experienced Case Workers, a Team Manager and administrative staff to handle the growing number of incoming calls. We are looking forward to a great working relationship with SunnyKids in 2019 and beyond as we continue to grow together.

For more information about SunnyKids visit their website

For assistance in finding or registering a room,
call 18 000 HAVEN (1800 042 836)

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Call 18 000 HAVEN
(1800 042 836)

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